1. Create a free account and Choose your MAP Plan

Are you done with excuses? But can’t quite get a handle on your health & wellness? Struggling to take action? It’s simple and easy to get started. Create a free account to access your own Action Project.

2. Download Digital Program. And begin!

Read through and prepare. This might mean a shopping trip. Then just MAP out your start date… or just right then!

3. Join the MAP Online Community for online support and tips

You also have to be accountable, realising a second glass of wine or a side of fries isn’t part of your action project isn’t always easy. But with the ongoing support from the MAP team you can make sure you make the right choices. Join the community of like minded people making their own changes for the better. Request access to the My Action Project Facebook Group

4. Plan new wardrobe and really live your healthiest life.

Part of MY ACTION PROJECT is to start thinking towards the future – so when you get there it’s all the more sweeter. What does a healthier life look like and how valuable is it to you to keep your progress on track?

We offer maintenance programs and you can always remain part of the MAP community.